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Dog Training

Dog training has evolved in the last 30 years and with that, methods and knowledge about why dogs behave a certain way and how to train them without using force. Outdated and cruel methods of punishment, dominance, shock collars, choke chains are being replaced by a true knowledge of dog psychology and smart, gentle ways to get the behavior that we like. As dog owners, trainers and behaviorists we believe in educating the dog’s owners on how to raise and develop the most mentally healthy, happy, relaxed, grounded and stable dog possible. We use only POSITIVE, scientifically proven methods to train your dog. Using counter conditioning, desensitization, rewarding right choices and reinforcing them, as well as managing environment we are creating happy, balanced dogs and happy owners. We thrive to be up-to-date on everything that is going on in a training community, attend seminars, courses and read books on dog behavior and training. To all our clients and to the public we will offer not just our services but our resources as well.

**Rescue dogs are special. So are their families! Learning Pawsibilities specializes in second chances for dogs rescued from shelters and breed-specific rescue groups.

*We offer free training classes to rescue groups and discounted classes and support for families that adopt.


House Training [Potty Training]


Separation Anxiety

Off The Furniture

Puppy Biting/Mouthing

Chewing Digging

Barking Whining

Dog Aggression

Command Training

FUNGILITY - Five weeks intro to agilitly

Fun, non competition class where you and your dog will practice basic obedience, learn the basics of obstacle management (tunnel, A frame, teeter, jumps and weave poles) and development of control and confidence. Great for dogs of all ages. You will advance at your own pace and graduate to the next level when you and your dog are ready to move up.

Please contact us for current rates.

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN - for dogs 3 months to 5 months of age

6 week duration

We invite puppies as soon as they have 2 rounds of vaccines to join this class. Starting socialization as soon as possible is really important for puppy social skills. If you wait until they are 4 or 5 months old you would have missed that critical window of opportunity when these interactions have profound ramification on your puppy’s mental development.

Puppy socialization means meeting new people, experiencing the touch of a stranger’s hand, smelling novel smells, hearing unfamiliar sounds, encountering new places and, this is critical, doing so in a calm, caring, positive atmosphere so that your puppy takes away from this experience the understanding that people, dogs, and places are inherently good, that good things happen when humans and other dogs are near, that there really is no need to fear.

CURRICULUM: House training (crate training, potty training, addressing nipping, jumping, barking), Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Leave it, Come, Leash walking.

We will strive to keep your puppy safe and in the good health by making sure that all the dogs that attend our school or boarding are temperament tested and fully vaccinated.

*The entire facility and all equipment are thoroughly sanitized with veterinary-grade disinfectants immediately prior to all puppy classes.

*All puppies are required to have verified vaccinations commensurate with age.

**We require that puppies who attend the Learning Pawsibilities center to not visit dog parks or dog day cares until they have received full vaccinations.

Please contact us for current rates.

URBAN DOG - Basic obedience class for dogs 5 months and older

6 week duration

Don’t you want to have a dog that sits politely for doors, leash, and food? Lies by your feet at the local coffee shop? Come when called at the park?

This class will teach that and more. This class will be held for 4 weeks at our center and then for 2 weeks out and about to practice skills that we had learned in the real world. You’ll learn how to stop problem behaviors such as destructive behavior, stealing food, excessive barking, jumping, hyperactivity and digging.

CURRICULUM: Sit, Stay, Come, Loos-Leash Walking, Heal, Leave It.

Please contact us for current rates.


Intermediate class: for dogs that know the basics and are ready for 3 Ds (Distance, Duration, Distractions)

6 week duration

CURRICULUM: Sit, Down, Stay, Recall off leash, Back, Place, Loose Leash, and Heel

Please contact us for current rates.


Whether your dog needs help with behavioral issues or you just want to have a session at your home with your family, our private lessons are tailored for you and your dog’s needs.

Please contact us for current rates.


Private lessons at Learning Pawsibilities

Private lessons – Behavioral Training (anxiety, reactivity, aggression)

Board and Train – (includes one training session with owner)

Please contact us for current rates.

Free private lessons, group rates and discounts available with qualifying lesson plans.

Please contact us for current rates.


If you would like to have your dog trained while you go on vacations or would like your dog trained by a professional, call us about our Board and Train program. Our Board and Train programs last from 1-4 weeks depending on what would you like to accomplish. Each week is followed with a private lesson with the owner. Our Phoenix Board and Train services are ideal for puppies, dogs that need extra attention, busy owners, and families going on vacation. Imagine, going on vacation and coming home to an obedient well trained dog.

Dogs in the Board and Train program will participate in our dayschool and be trained around the clock. Includes one training session with owner (please contact us for current rates).


  • Come When Called
  • Down/Stay
  • Healing On and Off Leash
  • Sit Stay
  • Place Command
  • Teaching Boundaries
  • The Off Command
  • The Quiet Command

Please contact us for current rates.


If your dog is fearful or aggressive we will create a specialized program for his needs. Please call us for more information.


Sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the Canine Good Citizen program was created to “reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.” If you have ever considered working with a pet therapy group or just want official recognition of the progress you have made, our CGC class is for you! We will prepare you for each element of the exam so that you will be confident and ready on test day.

  • Canine Good Citizen test

Please contact us for current rates



Whether you’re expecting a new baby or have a new person, dog, or cat coming to live in a home that already has dogs and/or cats, we will teach you how to properly integrate the new addition into your household so that the transition will be as smooth as possible for all involved.

For expecting parents, recently new parents, or anyone who wants to know more about dogs and how they see children, this class provides an overview of the ways a dog sees a child from infancy through adolescence.



Training Walk

If you like to run, hike, or camp, then what would be better way than to have your best friend tag along? Join us for one of our specialized classes, workshops, and trips in the Canine Adventures series. Learn the basic rules, techniques, and commands for hiking with your dog. This course will also cover proper equipment, canine nutrition, and safety.

You will be able to translate your newfound knowledge into a hike that will take place over a 1-2-mile easy trail.

We meet from October to May at the local hiking spots; please contact us for dates and locations.

At our Day School/Day Care dogs don’t just play all day, they learn basic obedience, agility, and good manners individually and in small groups through fun, interactive, and educational games.

We offer Cage-Free Boarding with 24-hour supervision to provide your furry family member a safe, comfortable, and stress-free stay.

Dog Training Classes are available as small group classes, individual lessons, and Board & Train at our center.

We also offer Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Pet Taxi. Check out our service pages for details.


Doggy SwimOne 30 min lesson per week, two 30 min lessons per week, three 30 min lessons per week, as well as 2 hour Field trip to lake and swimming lesson (includes pet transport to the lake).

Swimming is a great way to exercise your pet. Teach them to fetch toys, loose some weight or in senior dogs water is a great therapy for aching joints and bones. PRIVATE LESSON AT YOUR POOL OR OURS. Dogs will learn how to be calm around the pool, how to swim, how to get out safely or just how to have fun and fetch toys.